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Born without legs, Jimmy was abandoned at the steps of a hospital in South Korea as baby. His birth parents most likely were a teenaged Korean mother and an American GI.  At a young age Jimmy was welcomed into a large and loving family,  joining 7 other adopted siblings all raised to believe in their strengths and limitless possiblities.  His adoptive father had a genetic disease that he never let slow him down "It's about abilities, not disabilities."  Jimmy thrived: A wheelchair basketball pro and athlete, a talented graphic artist and cartoonist, and well-loved and respected teacher.  His seemingly boundless positive energy captivates and inspires.  With the passing of his adoptive parents, Jimmy began to explore where he came from, to seek answers surrounding his beginnings without the fear of hurting the parents who raised him.   It is an honor and a privilege to join him on this journey and share it with the world.


When I first met Jimmy, I was so inspired by his life and his upbringing that I was compelled to tell his story by making a film about him. I thought of doing a photo documentary, but it occurred to me that a film would have the most impact and generate the most interest about him, as well as giving broader access to the community.

My film will be about him, where he’s come from, where he is now, and where he’s going. At the time we met, I had no idea that he wanted to try to find his birth mother in Korea. As we got to know each other and he mentioned that possibility, I was even more excited about making this film and including that journey. There is much more to explore.

Finding Jimmy’s birth father would be a bonus if that were to happen. Are there siblings? Relations? This is why I’ve decided to embark on this journey with him and take you with us.

- Joe Guerriero, Director/Producer


I see the film as a deep and sensitive dive into Jimmy, how he relates to his past and how that has prepared him for the moment when he may meet his birth mother or father. Jimmy's engaging smile and positive attitude become evident early in the film, and he is ready and willing to provide candid conversation with me and others on his past, present and future hopes. 

Throughout the film we will follow Jimmy and the progression of his search for his Korean mother and his American father. The heart of the film will be a trip to Korea in the hopes of meeting his mother and/or siblings. There is no way to know the direction of the film at that point. Should Jimmy find his mother, filming their meeting promises to be an emotional moment. This time will also be used to document the formation of relationships with siblings or other family members. 

In addition there is a possibility that Jimmy will be able to locate his American birth father and/or some paternal relatives through the use of and a genealogist. This process has already begun, and we hope that this endeavor will provide opportunities for more interviews and information about Jimmy’s past and possible future with the rest of his birth family. 

- Joe Guerriero, Director/Producer

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Although we are applying for grant funding, it is never a sure thing. The process is very competitive, and it can take months to actually reap the results or even to be notified. 

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