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Meet the Director/Producer

Joe Guerriero, professional photographer and documentary film maker, is the director and producer of Full Circle: An Adoptee's Journey.  Film created and produced by his production company, Road Warrior Productions.    

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ABOUT Joe Guerriero and Road Warrior Productions

Joe Guerriero has been a professional photographer for over 45 years and a documentary filmmaker for the past 15 years. Joe has learned what to look for in a story and how to do it sensitively and honestly. He has been able to form lasting relationships with his subjects and build a trust that is absolutely necessary when dealing with sensitive issues. He is curious and deeply interested in people, and especially in those who are a bit different in the way they have to deal with everyday life.

His first major feature documentary was completed in 2013 after three years of several trips back and forth to Cuba.  The film titled, Curtain of Water, was aired on PBS television in 2014. It is still relevant today and continues to be leased to the educational film market through Infobase Learning. It also was an Honorable Mention in the Berlin International Film Festival. In addition, it was accepted into several other film festivals and shown at universities and organizations around the country. Joe’s second feature documentary was titled La Famiglia: Keeping it Together.  This was a labor of love, a film about his very large Italian/American family and their struggle to keep their family bonded during the 50 years since the death of the family matriarch. Other shorts and photo projects were also completed over the past 45 years. 

You can see Joe's work here:

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